New Hampshire Hospital Association
Real-Time Legislative Update

Sunday, October 21, 2018 7:08 PM

BillTitle & Upcoming MeetingsSponsorCategoriesStatusPosition / Testimony
LSR 3 Requiring Juveniles Who Are Administered Narcan to Be Referred to The Sununu Youth Services Center.

Rep. Robert Elliott
Substance Misuse
LSR 21 Relating to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. Providing That A Portion Of Liquor Commission Revenue Be Used For Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention.

Rep. Katherine Rogers
Substance Misuse
LSR 22 Establishing A Committee to Study The Effect The Opioid Crisis and Domestic Violence Has On New Hampshire Children.

Rep. Mary Jane Mulligan
Substance Misuse
LSR 45 Relative to Refusal Of Consent Following Arrest For Driving or Operating Under The Influence Of Drugs or Liquor.

Rep. Karel Crawford
Substance Misuse
LSR 109 Relative to Civil Damages Caused By Opioid Use.

Rep. Dave Testerman
Substance Misuse
LSR 131 Relative to Treatment Alternatives to Opioids.

Rep. Peter Schmidt
Substance Misuse
LSR 140 Adding Opioid Addiction, Misuse, and Abuse to Qualifying Medical Conditions Under Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis.

Rep. Robert Renny Cushing
Substance Misuse