New Hampshire Hospital Association
Real-Time Legislative Update

Sunday, May 20, 2018 10:14 PM

BillTitle & Upcoming MeetingsSponsorCategoriesStatusPosition / Testimony
HB 471 (2017) Relative to Induced Termination Of Pregnancy Statistics.

Rep. Kathleen Souza
Miscellaneous / Other
Killed in House: MA RC 200-154 01/03/2018
HB 533 (2017) Relative to Political Advocacy Organizations.

Rep. Marjorie Smith
Miscellaneous / Other
Killed in House: MA VV 01/03/2018
HB 1254 (second New Title) Establishing A Committee to Study The Procedures For Adoption Of National Codes By The State Of New Hampshire; Establishing A Moratorium On The Adoption Of Changes to The State Building Code and State Fire Code; and Repealing The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee On The Emergency Management System.

Rep. Steven Beaudoin
Miscellaneous / Other
Conference Committee Report Filed, #2018-2009c
HB 1683 Relative to The Definition Of Child Abuse.

Rep. Linda Massimilla
Miscellaneous / Other
Signed by Governor Sununu 05/15/2018; Chapter 45; Eff. 7/14/2018
HB 1733 Relative to Digital Electronic Product Repair.

Rep. Virginia Irwin
Miscellaneous / Other
Refer for Interim Study: MA VV 03/06/2018
SB 33 (2017) Relative to The Definition Of Political Advocacy Organization.

Sen. Jeb Bradley
Miscellaneous / Other
Remove from Table (Rep. M. Smith): MF RC 152-174 04/12/2018
SB 160 (2017) Authorizing Religious Nonmedical Personnel, Consistent with Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services Guidelines, to Certify Eligibility For Walking Disability Plates and Placards.

Sen. Dan Feltes
Miscellaneous / Other
Killed in House: MA VV 02/15/2018
SB 579 Relative to Penalties For Welfare Fraud.

Sen. James Gray
Miscellaneous / Other
Enrolled (In recess 04/12/2018)
SB 590 (second New Title) Relative to The State Loan Repayment Program, The Developmental Disabilities Wait List, Involuntary Admissions Procedures, and The Mental Health System.

Sen. Jeb Bradley
Health Care Access
Miscellaneous / Other
Sen. Bradley Moved to Concur with the House Amendment, MA, VV; 05/10/2018 Support