New Hampshire Hospital Association
Real-Time Legislative Update

Thursday, August 16, 2018 7:02 AM

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HB 1471 (new Title) Relative to Telemedicine and Establishing A Committee to Study Health Care Reimbursement For Telemedicine and Telehealth.

Rep. Vincent Paul Migliore
Health Care Access
Signed by Governor Sununu 06/18/2018; Chapter 267; I. Sections 1-3; eff. 8/17/2018; II. Rem. eff. 6/18/2018 Support
HB 1471 testimony 011018 FINAL.pdf (1-16)
HB 1471 testimony 040318 FINAL.pdf (5-2)
HB 1790 Establishing A New Hampshire Health Access Corporation.

Rep. Peter Schmidt
Health Care Access
Killed in House: MA VV 02/22/2018
HB 1822 Making Hormonal Contraceptives Available Directly From Pharmacists By Means Of A Standing Order.

Rep. Mariellen MacKay
Health Care Access
Signed by Governor Sununu 06/08/2018; Chapter 205; I. Sections 4-7; eff. 1/1/2019; II. Rem. eff. 8/7/2018
SB 590 (second New Title) Relative to The State Loan Repayment Program, The Developmental Disabilities Wait List, Involuntary Admissions Procedures, and The Mental Health System.

Sen. Jeb Bradley
Health Care Access
Miscellaneous / Other
Signed by the Governor on 06/28/2018; Chapter 0343 I. Section 1 & 15 shall not take effect II. Remainder Effective 07/01/2018 Support