New Hampshire Hospital Association
Real-Time Legislative Update

Saturday, December 26, 2020 7:09 PM

BillTitle & Upcoming MeetingsSponsorCategoriesStatusPosition / Testimony
2021-0134 Establishing Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Goals For The State and Establishing A Climate Action Plan.

Rep. Joyce Weston
Energy / Environment
2021-0171 Adding Members From Londonderry to The Commission to Investigate and Analyze The Environmental and Public Health Impacts Relating to Releases Of Perfluorinated Chemicals Into The Air, Soil, and Groundwater In Merrimack, Bedford, and Litchfield.

Rep. Rosemarie Rung
Energy / Environment
Public Health / Health Promotion
2021-0605 Establishing A Solid Waste Working Group On Solid Waste Management Planning and Relative to Compost.

Rep. Karen Ebel
Energy / Environment
State Government / Agencies
2021-0842 Prohibiting Incineration Of Pfas In New Hampshire

Sen. David Watters
Energy / Environment