New Hampshire Hospital Association
Real-Time Legislative Update

Tuesday, August 11, 2020 3:03 AM

BillTitle & Upcoming MeetingsSponsorCategoriesStatusPosition / Testimony
HB 1140 Establishing A Hospital Merger Advisory Commission.

Rep. Robert Renny Cushing
Community Benefits / Charitable Trusts
Introduced 06/16/2020, and Laid on Table, MA, VV; 06/16/2020
HB 1140_NHHA testimony_012222_final.pdf (1-23)
HB 1267 Relative to The Liability Of Directors and Officers Of New Hampshire Nonprofit Corporations.

Rep. Karen Ebel
Community Benefits / Charitable Trusts
Refer for Interim Study: MA VV 03/11/2020
SB 484 Establishing A Commission to Study Payments In Lieu Of Taxes.

Sen. James Gray
Community Benefits / Charitable Trusts
Vacated from Committee and Laid on Table, MA, VV
SB 484_NHHA testimony 03042020 FINAL.pdf (3-4)
SB 538 Establishing A Commission to Study Property Tax Exemptions For Charitable Organizations.

Sen. Melanie Levesque
Community Benefits / Charitable Trusts
Killed in Senate: MA, VV === BILL KILLED ===